Mad Libs iOS App

Mad Libs iOS App

When Penguin Group decided it was time to update their popular fill-in-the-blank word game, they approached Kettle to help make this dream a reality. Our challenge was to make Mad Libs appealing to a new generation, make exploring books easy and fun, and make inputting words simple and effortless. In the end, I helped surface new functionality, strengthen the overall brand prescence, and revitalize the design of the app.

UI, UX, Illustration


Simple Gesture-Based Actions

The team and I knew that integrating simple gesture-based actions was essential to modernizing the gameplay. I helped narrow down the most valuable ways to use gestures into the game and from there we came up with our simple swiping actions.

Swipe Left for Definitions

If you need more information about something, swipe Phil to get a hint.



Swipe Right for Suggestions

If you’re stuck on a word, slide Phil right and he’ll trigger a waterfall of word suggestions for you to submit

Swipe Up to Submit

Rapidly submit your words by swiping the tiles up towards Phil. He’ll give you feedback along the way!

Swipe Down to Clear

Made a mistake? No problem!
Pull down to undo your word input.

Creating a Mad Libs World

I came up with how Mad Libs books could be reimagined as immersive “worlds”. I reimagined the stories as stickers that the user would earn as they played more and more. Together with our help from illustrator, Jarold Guzman, we created over 30 reimagined worlds for users to explore and play unique stories from each book.


Expanding with Licensed Apps

In partnership with some of today’s leading brands, Mad Libs created licensed versions of the original Mad Libs game. I integrated the brands aesthetic into the new Mad Libs UI.