MakeSpace Web

MakeSpace Web

By using the MakeSpace on the web, users are able to keep track of their stuff, organize it, and create bookings for new storage requests. The existing experience was lackluster and failed to integrate features essential to a complete user experience.  Our 3-person product team overhauled the previous web dashboard & booking flow to address these issues and increase conversion. I designed the web experience to mirror patterns we were developing in the mobile iOS app to create familiarity cross-platform.

UX, UI, Strategy, Creative Direction


The goal was to create as little friction as possible
while maintaining a focused user experience. 

We educate the user early in Step 1, 
before prompting account creation in Step 2.

Each step is paired with contextual FAQ questions
which pertain to their location in the flow.

Persistent review module in the right rail helps
you keep track of your previous selections.

Optional information is held to the last step,
just before confirming.

Looking at the Whole Picture

When taking a step back, it’s easier to see how a first-time user would experience the booking flow,
versus an existing user who would be operating from their dashboard. 


A Brand New Dashboard Experience

In developing a new dashboard, I ensured that missing features were integrated and that design patterns were mirrored in iOS simultaneously. The overall goal was to make this your “online hub” to view and interact with your stuff in the cloud.


Users can track their items location from home, to processing, and then to storage.


Add titles, descriptions & photos— and see an enlarged image view!


Add more storage or select items for a delivery.