MakeSpace iOS App

MakeSpace iOS App

Makespace is an innovative storage startup that has reimagined the way we look at storage. MakeSpace gives users the ability to store physical objects and keep track of them virtually through their website or mobile app. I helped drive the product vision and rethink the overall user journey from start to finish. Our goal was to create an easy way for users to view their stuff, organize it, add descriptions, and order it back with a tap of a button. 

UX, UI, Creative Direction


Getting Started

Upon startup, the user would enter their email address to either create a new account or proceed to login. For a first-time experience, users would see a short series of onboarding screens to help educate the user on how MakeSpace works.

Clear Communication

I designed the landing screen to be a hub for your online closet with clear visibility at all stages of the process. As bins travel from the warehouse facility to customers’ homes or anywhere in between, the status indicator will reflect its location. This builds trust with users and ensures safe keeping while storing with Makespace. 

Smart Navigation

We shifted toward a tabbed navigation which provides easier access to other parts of the app. On the main screen, a green “add more” button appears from the center and can be toggled on/off. If a user selects items for delivery, a confirmation button appears and the “add more” button hides simultaneously.

Setting Up Storage

We made the process of creating appointments more easy and manageble. By breaking the flow up into small steps, I was able to make the experience more focused and direct.


To better leverage the product platform, we worked with operations to bring On Demand appointments to life. This means users can create new dropoff bookings and have them completed within the hour. We detect if the user is within the On Demand area and notify them of this premium service option.

Organizing Your Closet in the Cloud

By using the MakeSpace iOS app, users can add their own photos and keep a detailed description of what they’ve put into storage. I updated the editing process to make it easier for users to interact with. I prototyped subtle animations and thought about new features that could be useful to users.

The Big Picture

Thinking through the overall user flow, I made the overall map more linear and streamlined. At a high level, you can see how the address screen acts as a branch that determines what type of flow to serve to the user. I customized each flow by removing unecessary information or creating new screens where applicable.

user flow_phones_greyuser flow_phones_grey